“Wine is an art, if you know how to listen it speaks to you, telling you when it needs racking and when it needs rest. It is like a living being that you have to understand, look after and care for.”                                                                                -- Don Emilio Moro

These simple sentences elucidate perfectly the guiding principles of Bodegas Emilio Moro. Clearly Don Emilio valued an approach to winemaking that is creative and artisanal, but his comments also seem to imply a love of family and a nurturing approach that seeks to raise each individual (be it person or plant) to its highest potential. These sentiments carry just as much weight with third generation boss Jose Moro as they did for his grandfather. Under his guidance, the traditions of his forefathers have been wed to the technology of the modern world in a way that utilizes and respects the value of both.

Situated on the high plain of Ribera del Duero (between 750 and 1000 meters above sea level), the estate vineyards enjoy a variety of soils and a unique climate that promotes wines of distinct character. The vines are 100% Tinto Fino, an indigenous variety of Tempranillo renowned for its thick skins and racy personality. Some of the plantings date back to the 1920s, and these incredibly old vines give weight and structure to the Malleolus wines, while more contemporary blocks of young vines lend a vivacious edge to Finca Resalso and to the flagship Emilio Moro bottling.

​2016 FINCA RESALSO RIBERA del DUERO                                       91 JS

2015 EMILIO MORO RIBERA del DUERO                      90 WS        91 JS


2015 MALLEOLUS RIBERA del DUERO                                             92 JS

2011 MALLEOLUS de VALDERRAMIRO                      92 WA   93 V   93 JS

2011 MALLEOLUS de SANCHOMARTIN     94 WA    94 V  94 WS   93 JS