When it comes to our Portfolio Show — Vanguard Wines’ hallmark event — your health and safety has been our top priority. COVID is still a very real factor, and we would never want to put anyone in harm’s way or ask our producers to pursue global travel on our behalf. After closely monitoring the situation and giving the decision careful consideration, we feel cancelling for 2021 is in the best interest of our team members, the winemakers whose labels we are proud to spotlight, and the restaurants and retail shops we are proud to serve.  


We immensely enjoy the Portfolio Show every year and realize it’s a great opportunity for you to uncover new winemakers, regions, and varietals that will speak to your customers. We’re confident we can resume next year, so please mark your calendars for the last week of July 2022. As always, events will take place in our largest markets: Columbus, Indianapolis, and Louisville.     


If you have any questions or would simply like to talk this through, please contact your Sales Representative or email portfolioshow@vangaurdwines.com.