The magic behind Sorentberg is the soil. Some 80% of Riesling produced in the Mosel grown on blue slate. Another 18% on gray slate. A mere 2% grows on red slate, and Sorentberg is among that tiny percentage. These soils are approximately 50 million years older than the rest of the region, and in fact, Sorentberg is the only vineyard planted to a unique subset called Wissenbach slate - red slate with marine sediment.

Though Ivan Giovanett's home is in Italy, it seems a piece of his heart resides in Germany. While studying abroad there, he fell in love with Riesling. Now, with the help of his friend Tobias Treis, Ivan is crafting a truly special Riesling under the name of Sorentberg.

Thus far, Ivan has replanted only 3.5 hectares of the previously abandoned vineyard, so production is quite small. Once the fruit enters the cellar, it sees a very traditional regimen. Native yeasts guide the fermentation, which occurs in 1000L neutral oak casks. Minimal handling and filtration leads to a very natural wine, racy and vibrant with the ability to please in the short team and withstand the rigors of time.