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oregon vineyard

A legacy of WINE collaboration


built on collaboration

Vanguard Wines is an independently owned importer and distributor of fine wines servicing the Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana markets. Since 1996, Vanguard Wines has offered the highest quality wines to the region’s finest restaurants and retail outlets. We place a premium on customer service by providing the most conscientious, dedicated and knowledgeable staff in the industry. We are confident you will find that our wines, our people and our service are second to none.

our direction



Our mission as a wine distribution business is to connect the right wines with the right people. Between our team's knowledge and expertise, and our indisputable passion for wine, we believe in the importance of connecting our partners in a way that adds value to everyone involved.


Our team lives the mission of our company. Through our passion and expertise, we aim to build strong relationships with both producers and retailers, bridging connections with great wines and great people. 


our core values

Our core values reflect how we aim to do business with our partners and how we connect with our team. We are guided by these values in our daily efforts, growing our company culture, and in the way we create bridges to connect the right wine for each person. 

Commit to the team.

We collaborate to learn, grow, and succeed.

Take ownership.

We're deeply aware of our individual actions and reflect on the ways they influence outcomes.

Work with urgency.

We earn trust by maintaining reliability, prioritizing quality, and delivering to plan. 

Remain curious.

Our thirst for uncovering more every day brings opportunity to create more meaningful connections.

Live the mission.

We're passionate about what we do and have fun educating others. Our expertise and positivity set us apart.

Who are we?


At Vanguard Wines, our team knows exactly what sets us apart. We move in our day to day with our three unique qualities driving our business forward.

high-quality portfolio of independently-owned wines

Our fine wine portfolio exemplifies farmer-producer quality from the vineyard to the bottle. Each case is stored and delivered under strict temperature control to bring out the very best in the each glass. 

unparalleled expertise & collaboration

Our team prioritizes wine education through visits to global wine regions (these days, as travel permits), building authentic relationships with producers, and maintaining genuine curiosity. We enjoy sharing trends and learnings to help you create memorable experiences.

hand-picked selections that add value

Every single wine in our portfolio is hand-selected, meaning we give honest time and effort into tasting each wine to be sure the taste, quality, and overall experience is of utmost value. 

Interested in connecting? Work with us. 

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