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Spotlight On Our Producers: Crazy Beautiful Wines

Jimmy Gallivan III | Chief Operations Officer

How Did Crazy Beautiful Wines Get Its Start?

Ten years ago, my father went down to Argentina with a friend in the wine industry who had been drinking and collecting most of his life. They thought they might want to buy a vineyard and get into winemaking, but soon realized agriculture was more than they signed up for. In talking with producers in the Mendoza region, they found people were receptive to making wine that we could import to the U.S. and sell ourselves.

Describe Your Portfolio.

We created a brand that balances red, white, and pink—with straightforward varietals that are expected of that region and country. We have four partners (one in Argentina, two in France, one in Italy) that produce six wines. We offer everyday wines, and try not to make anything more complicated than it needs to be.

Tell Us About Your Winemakers You Work With.

Most are family-run and smaller, boutique wineries. Some sell locally, some in Europe, and some a little bit in the U.S. under their own estate name. In the Loire Valley, the winery is part of a co-op to help smaller producers sell wine. The winemakers in Italy are two cousins who have been farming organically since the 1980s.

Why Do You Sell Wine In 1 Litre Bottles?

Litres are traditional in Europe, particularly with Austrian wine. Our philosophy is that wines should be shared, so 750 ML is not enough. In this case, with 33% more wine, everyone can have one more glass, but you don’t have to open a second bottle.

Crazy Beautiful Wines Was Ahead Of The Rosé Trend.

We jumped on the rosé bandwagon early, launching our first in 2012. This was before it became the phenomenon it is now. We partner with a multigenerational-owned estate in the South of France. The Jolie Folle rosé is our biggest wine, especially in summer; we’re known for it.

We Hear You Also Just Started Offering Rosé Prosecco.

We’re launching a Rosé Prosecco out of Italy this month. Last year, the Italian wine authority changed its regulation to allow for the production of this style for the first time. So, it’s starting to hit the market around the world and in the U.S.—and we’re excited to be part of that with the first-ever vintage. Ours is made with organic grapes, and the winemaker follows all Italian sustainability and biodynamic practices.

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