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Alvin Feldman, Bringing 40 years of industry experience to Vanguard Wines

With the advent of fall, we’re experiencing cooler temperatures and an infusion of rich colors all around us. For this time of year and in this unique business climate, I’m working with restauranteurs and wine shops to update their wine lists with value and options in mind. Together, we take a closer look at selections that will appeal to all the tastes and preferences around a six- or eight-top table while bringing out the flavors of autumn-inspired dishes. I am all about helping my customers add value to their business through creative wine pairings. After all, you do not expect anyone to pay for a premium chef experience and quality meal, only to pair it with something “ordinary!”

I enjoy helping Vanguard Wines’ customers extend wine education to their customers by introducing something new in a similar style to what they usually pick. Within our portfolio, we have many strong options under $20, made by small family farms that beautifully express their artisan approach and soil. Top selections right now include Chardonnay, a dry Riesling or alternative white, Pinot Noir, and Rioja or Grenache.

Two of my personal favorites for the season are Horizonte de Exopto 2017 Rioja Tinto and Bozeto de Exopto 2018 Rioja Tinto. They both pair nicely with different flavors on the Thanksgiving table — from roasted turkey to brown sugar-steeped sweet potatoes to heartier sourdough stuffing. The texture complements all of these offerings. The wines also work well in a restaurant setting to add both richness and texture when patrons prefer Cabernets. Grenache is a suitable “bridge” for those who still desire a red when ordering seafood or other light fare. Native to Spain, these selections are vibrant and energetic.

Tom Puyaubert is one of my favorite winemakers. Like all of Vanguard Wines’ independent suppliers, he’s passionate and never disappoints with the fruit in the bottle.

Alvin Feldman, CSW: Unearthed

What brought you to Vanguard Wines?

I’m attracted to the artisan-crafted, independent wines within the Vanguard Wines portfolio. I love sharing each family’s story when I’m talking about their wine. They all put such care into everything they do, and that unique approach shows in each bottle. Our small- to medium-sized wine suppliers and producers are farmers by trade, not mass corporations producing the same recipe wine each year. And, farmers make really great wine. They’re out in the vineyard every day working with their grapes and monitoring their dirt and soil. I like to say you get an artisan’s guarantee when you choose wine from a small, family-owned farm.

What is the best part of your job? I like helping my customers be successful, which motivates me every day.

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